Website for the Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust.
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Website for the Great Barrier Island Garden Tour
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Seeing if I can change the origin of a git repo.
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Lessons and exercises from Ecole 42 in France. A month long intensive coding course.
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Old version of the MBL website
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First version of the Great Barrier Garden Tour website.
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The course is split up into two individual courses: Java Programming I and Java Programming II. Each course consists of seven parts, each with its own exercise set. Completing a single part takes approximately 5-20 hours, and we recommend reserving at least 10 hours per part, depending on prior skills with computers.
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A rewrite of the original Tacot des Lacs website to make it mobile friendly. It isn't very pretty but the point was to keep the original content and layout as much as possible while making it usable on a mobile phone.
Updated 2023-10-03 11:18:38 +02:00's 2013 Programming with Java course.
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